Ride Your Pony #2
An annual typographic exhibition involving 26 international participants; Designers, Artists, Illustrators, Photographers and Makers who each created a piece of work in response to a letter of the alphabet.

P = Phonetics
How are images read when you redact the visual and narrative components of a story?

The panels on display have been taken from the following graphic novels and comics; Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, Foul Play by Will Eisner, 2000AD featuring Judge Dredd by Alan Moore & Steve Potter, Mr Natural by Robert Crumb, Maus by Art Spiegelman, Eightball by Daniel Clowes, Krazy & Ignatz by George Herrimans.


Part of the ‘Ride Your Pony #2’ exhibition part of the Liverpool Independants Bienniel at George Henry Lees, 2018. www.rideyourpony.club

B5 Publication. Limited Edition of 10, 2 colours Riso Fluorescent Orange & Black and Black Laser. Single Edition Prints. 50 versions, 2 colour Riso Fluorescent Orange & Black and Black Laser.