Designer and Educator. My work focuses on collaborative projects, editorial design and experimental film.

Exhibtions / Talks
Ride Your Pony 4, Abingdon Studios, Blackpool.
Communities of Practie, ERL, School of Art, Liverpool.
Into the Void, GDEN, online. 
In Tandem with Kochi Kochi, online.
Evening Talks, BHSAD, Moscow.

I don’t Love Soccer, but my sister does, Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival.
Ride Your Pony 3, Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival.

Bound Art Book Fair, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.
Ride Your Pony 3, Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival.
SUES pt 2, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. SUES pt 1, School of Art, Liverpool.

Ride Your Pony 2, Liverpool Independants Biennial.

I Don’t Love Soccer Art of Football, Camp & Furnace, Liverpool.

Of Rights & Resistance, International Slavery Museum, Liverpool.

Ride your Pony 1, School of Art, Liverpool.

Ride your Pony 1, Islington Mill, Salford.

#collecting_collecting, School of Art, Liverpool. 

Keen for Ken, Grizedale Forest, Lake District.
Molecular, School of Art, Liverpool.

University of the West of England.
Liverpool John Moores University.

British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow.

Southampton Solent University.

Weston University Centre.

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Of Rights and Resistance

October, 2018
International Slavery Museum, Liverpool, UK.


Of Rights and Resistance

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of American Civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. Participants in this exhibition were asked to create a piece of work in response to the theme addressed by this anniversary; Rights, Race, Revolution and Resistance.

Hashtags have been instrumental in the launch of social movements and the mobilisation of individuals but have they also bred an apathetic approach to activism?

Produced for ‘Of Rights and Resistance’, a collaboration with the International Slavery Museum, and the first show to be hosted in their new public exhibition space in the Martin Luther King Jr building on the Albert Dock. In response to the ISM collections, the exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of the shooting of Martin Luther King Jr.