I don’t love soccer...but my sister does
In response to the essay  “The World Cup and Its Pomps” written in 1978 by the Italian semiotician, intellectual and writer, Umberto Eco, this documentary explores the importance of football for individuals who are socially isolated. 

It's easy to have a negative opinion on something that you don't feel part of, so I interviewed my sister who is profoundly deaf and disabled to find out why she loves it. Football is a part of her life which is consistent and helps her overcome any barriers that she finds in her day to day life. Being a football fan enables her to be part of a community that is open to everyone, regardless of ability, language, education or wealth.

Designer, Editor & Producer

Part of the ‘I Don’t Love Soccer Because Soccer Has Never Loved Me’ Exhibition, Art of Football, Camp & Furnace, Liverpool, UK.

Selected for the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival 2020.